How we view and experience the world, impacts our life, each and every day. Similarly, it’s my opinion that every photographer expands their observations and skills when their creative visions are melded through a variety of innovative and differing photographic lenses.
This unknown world began to capture me at the age of twelve years old. My experiences became visual realities with the gift of a film camera from my father. From that day forward, I tackled life with a whole new visual perception. I began exploring the wilderness around my home town in search of unusual methods to convert what I saw into visual artwork. As my artistic passions grew, I continued searching for more photographic experiences that would carry me far beyond the initial subject at hand. Today I enjoy sharing what I have learned of art and photography with others through my teaching and leading photo tours and workshops.
While I was born in Romania,I relocated to the USA in 1989. I joined Art Wolfe Inc., in 1994, traveling as Art Wolfe’s assistant for on-location photo projects. I also co-lead Art Wolfe Photo tours/workshops in North America and worldwide. Further, I was an active participant in the filming and production of “Travel to the Edge” TV series, created and produce by Art Wolfe.
Over the years, my photographs have appeared in many books and magazines, worldwide:
”Audubon “, ” Outside” ,” Backpacker”, “National Geographic”, “International Wildlife”, “Midwest Express”, “Time”, “Popular Photography ( USA)”, “German Geo”, “Nature Foto (Germany)”, “Terre Sauvage”,” La Figaro (France)”, “Sinra ( Japan)”,” Asian Geo”,” Kids Discover” and an international advertisment for the Hasselblad X-Pan.
My book publications include: C is for Coyote: A Southwest Alphabet Book, Wild Colors, Alaska Animal Babies, Hide and Seek : Nature’s Best Vanishing Acts, South West colors and Megadiversity.
Further, I collaborated with acclaimed Photographer Art Wolfe in the creation of books about Colorado, Pacific Northwest, Frogs, The Nature of Lions.
My photographs are represented by major stock agencies such as Getty communication, Danita Delimont, AGE, Okapia, Corbis, On Asia.
Today, I live in both Thailand with my wife and son, and the USA. Frequently, you’ll find me leading world-wide photographic tours/workshops and teaching workshops in USA
I will always remain a captive of this mesmerizing world of photography. It is a driving visual passion that continues to challenge my artistic appetite with photographic challenges.